Fake Chanel Headbands

Fake YL Locket

Fake Chanel Pendant

Fake YL Bag

Fake YL Watch

Fake YL Pendants

Fake Chanel Earring and Fake Dior Keyring

Fake LV Flip-Flops (lol)

Fake YL Bag

Fake LV Shoes

Fake Chanel Ring (reminds me of Scarlet in 4 Weds&A Funeral)

Fake Chanel Handbag

Fake Chanel Locket

Fake Dior&Chanel Banana Rings

Fake YL Blazer

Fake Chanel T-Shirt (OMG)

Fake YL Boots

Fake Prada Bag

Fake YL Bag

Fake Chanel Blazer

Fake Chanel...Socks?

Fake Chanel Bag

Fake YL Bag

Fake Burberry Bag

Fake Prada Bag

Fake Fendi Sunglasses

Fake YL Pendant

Fake YL Bag...low pants with g-sting:)

Fake Burberry Sneakers

Fake Chanel Banana Ring

Fake YL Bag (it's so pretty ^^)

Fake Dior Blazer

1 comment:

  1. That brand you call YL is really LV...as in Louis Vuitton