Help needed!

I bought yesterday at a thrift store a pretty salmon-orange Yves Saint Laurent sweatshirt;for some reason it doesn't have sleeves(previous owner cut them off?).Holes reach to my waist,so I thought it would be a nice idea to put a wide black belt under my bust and thighten it.I was good idea,sweatshirt looks now like a mini dress with trendy wide arms.But I don't really have an idea what to to with it apart form wearing it as a dress.

It looks almost exactly like this one;it has a big YSL logo on the front.

And one more thing-near my place there is thrift shop which imports second hand clothing form Switzerland.It looks that YSL is not that fab and snobistic at all,coz you can buy their pants or blazers for a couple of bucks(they sell stuff for about $5 per kilogram).I also found there pair of black Valentino jeans,but they were XS (I'm an L,10/12 or 38/40...inherited height form my Daddy.Thank you,Dad.)

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